Coal Technology
The  global growth in energy requirements for both power generation and steelmaking has lead to an increase in demand for coal in these market sectors.  The ever-increasing concerns of the community about the impact of coal use on the environment have lead to the adoption of more efficient and cleaner technologies for the use of coal.
As coal consumers strive for increased efficiency and better controls of gaseous and particle emissions a better understanding of how the properties of a coal impacts on its performance in a particular end use is required.
The world's vast resources of coal vary in both coal type and quality.  While many end use technologies can be adapted to suit a particular coal, the international trade of coal does allow coal consumers to evaluate many potential coal supplies to minimise their coal use and therefore their operating costs.
The aim of this document is to give an overview of end use technologies, the selection of coals for those technologies and how coal performance is influence by both the physical process environment and the properties of the coal.  It is a work in progress and CoalTech welcomes feedback or suggestions on how this site can be improved.
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