Prediction of NOx Emissions
ACARP Project Number: C7053        Published: December 00
Ken Sullivan, Philip Bennett, Allan Lowe, Steve Visona
Extended Abstract
This report is a compilation of three separate but related studies, conducted as part of a major NOx emissions project by the Black Coal CRC.
The first study, conducted by CRE Group Ltd in the UK and managed by Ken Sullivan and Associates, tested eight Australian coals using laboratory techniques previously verified against full scale power station tests as part of a collaborative NOx project. Relevant data from the latter project are also included, which allows the Australian coals to be seen in an international context.
The second study, conducted by Philip Bennett of CoalTech Pty Ltd, developed and assessed a number of models for predicting NOx formation. These included a reaction engineering model to study the influence of mixing patterns and temperature profiles in a pilot scale furnace, and empirical models to study the influence of coal properties and power station operation on NOx formation.
The third study, conducted by Allen Lowe of Pacific Power International and Steve Visona of Sigma Process Solutions, presents the results of validation trials for the Black Coal CRC's NOx predictor against data collected from nine Australian power stations. The predictor, unlike empirical models, uses a first-principles mechanistic approach based on computational fluid dynamics specifically written for coal in combustion in boilers.