Philip Bennett
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Chem. Eng.) majoring in Fuel Technology, University of New South Wales, 1977
  • Master of Engineering Science (Process System Engineering), University of Sydney, 1985
  • Grad. Dip. Management (Technology Management), Deakin University, 1996
  • Fellow of the Australian Institute of Energy.
Managing Director - CoalTech Pty Ltd, 2017 to onwards
  • Specialising in the evaluation of Value-In-Use of thermal, coking and PCI coals.
  • Continues to have an involvement in research projects in the areas of combustion and carbonisation. Has a strong interest in understanding the blending of coking coals.
  • Training courses in the interpretation of coal quality for coking coals, thermal coal and impact of PCI coal quality on blast furnace performance.
Research Manager - ALS Coal (previously known as ACIRL Ltd), 2007 to 2017
Primary responsibilities include:
  • Research and Development in the area of coal utilisation, with several reports into the characterisation of coking coal in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, see list of research projects.
  • Liaise with key research organisations in areas relating to coal preparation, combustion and coking research.
  • Identification of new and existing evaluation procedures to determine “Value-in-Use” of coals.
  • Evaluation of the combustion and carbonisation potential of client coals.
  • Assist the Coal Technology Group with new or revised tests and data processing.
  • Mentoring of graduates in the importance of coal science in the evaluation of coal.
Managing Director - CoalTech Pty Ltd, 1994 to 2007
  • Market support documents covering Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) into blast furnaces, impact of thermal coal quality on power plant operation, the use of low volatile coals for power generation, future demand in PCI and thermal coal markets, impact of steelmaking technology on coals markets, blending to meet the requirements of the thermal coal market, prediction of coke properties based on coal properties and changing requirements for coke quality for high coal injection rates.
  • Reviewed the suitability of all Australian coals for use in the COREX process for VAI,
  • Assisted with the evaluation of 24 potential coal suppliers for a large IPP thermal power station in Asia,
  • Major research projects undertaken for the Australian coal industry in the areas of PCI developments (1994,1997, 2007), reviewing EPRI’s ‘Coal Quality Impact Model’ software for thermal coals (1996), the blending of coal for power stations (1997), modeling of NOx formation (2000), prediction of the milling performance of coals (2004), milling of coal blends (2005) and coal handleability (2006, 2007), see list of research projects.
  • Training courses in the interpretation of coal quality, thermal coal evaluation and impact of PCI coal quality on blast furnace performance.
  • Clients include ACARP, ACIRL, AMC, Anglo Coal, BHP, Jellinbah Resources, MIM, Tomen, Voest-Apline, Queensland Government, Macarther Coal, Foxleigh, NRG, Peabody CoalTrade Australia and Korean Power Research Institute.
Manager - Technical Services, Queensland Coal Board 1988 to 1994
  • Headed a small team that advised the Government on the competitive position of the Queensland coal industry. In this team, he focused on analysing market demand, fitting coal quality to existing and new markets and on all aspects of coal utilisation research. He was responsible for overseeing coal quality in the domestic market and problem solving for industrial coal consumers within Queensland, including coal contract negotiations for larger users.
Australian Coal Industry Research Laboratories Ltd (ACIRL) 1977 to 1988
  • Manager - Combustion Test Facility, 1986 to 1988: Responsible for the construction, assisting in design & implementing of tests procedures, operation of the facility, reporting results to clients, supervising research projects and marketing the services offered by the facility. The reporting of test work involved evaluation of a thermal coal performance and matching the performance to suitable applications. Trained by EER USA in the evaluation of thermal coals.
  • Senior Chemical Engineer -1982 to 1986, Chemical Engineer - 1977 to 1982: Research projects and consultancy in coal liquefaction, carbonisation, combustion and preparation. These projects included the modeling a pilot scale coke oven, reviewing coal breakage processes in coal preparation and designing a coal liquefaction bench scale continuous reactor with integrated distillation and recycle of solvent oil.